Brewery Insurance

Brewery insurance combines the coverage ingredients into one policy.

Own a brewery? Safeguard your business and investment with brewery insurance.

Get insurance that’s as unique as the beer you brew.

Getting adequate coverage for your brewery can feel overwhelming, but brewery insurance may help take the stress out of the situation. The key is considering options that help cover your specific needs and the risks you face, all while combining elements of liquor liability, property, and business insurance into one simple policy.

The risks your brewery faces.

The insurance your brewery needs depends on a variety of factors, including the size of your brewery operations, whether you serve food, if you give tours, or if you host events on your property. All of these elements come into play, in addition to the brewing, selling, and serving of beer, which is why covering your brewery against the risks you face is essential. Here are some examples of coverage options to consider in a brewery insurance policy:

  • Business Auto
  • Commercial Property
  • Contamination and Spoilage
  • Crime
  • Cyber Liability
  • Employment Practice Liability
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Liquor Liability
  • Product Recall
  • Workers’ Compensation

The importance of liquor liability coverage.

As an alcohol producer, you need a liquor liability policy. This may cover you against claims of damage caused by people who’ve consumed your beer. No matter how tenuous such claims may be, defending them can be a costly process.

How insurance benefits your brewery.

You must also make sure that your property insurance covers not just damage or destruction of equipment and stock, but also any lost profits, particularly if you’re out of action for a period of time. It’s also worth exploring options for coverage against having to withdraw or recall stock if you discover a safety risk or potential contamination.

The business side of your brewery.

Owning a brewery is rewarding, but there are many risks that are similar to other businesses, so it’s important to have a broad range of coverage options for the risks at hand. This can include general business insurance coverages such as workers’ compensation for employee claims, and liability insurance for visitors to your premises. You may also want to consider cyber liability insurance in the event of a data breach.

Are you ready to get brewery insurance to help protect your business and your investment? Contact us to go over your brewery’s needs and coverage options.

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