What To Do in a Flood

What To Do in a Flood

February 07, 2024

We talk a lot about preparation in our emails: preparing for a storm, a disaster, weather events, or any of the other kinds of risks that you may face.

But we do not often talk about what to do if you meet one of those risks up close and personal. That is why we wanted to talk about the most likely disaster you may face: flooding.

Flooding can happen anywhere, in any part of the country. It can be the result of a major storm like a hurricane, major tide or surge events on the coast, overflow of other bodies of water, or even backup from municipal water systems.

If you find yourself in a flood, remember these safety tips:

  • Find Shelter: Find shelter quickly at a higher elevation if possible.
  • Avoid Water: Do not try to cross through water, even by car.
  • Avoid Bridges: These structures can be dangerous over rapidly moving water.
  • Listen to Authorities: Find your local authority for safety and follow their instructions (evacuate, stay on site, etc.).

According to Ready.gov, water six inches high can knock someone over, and only a foot of water can move a car! So stay dry at all times.

Be as safe as possible and focus on yourself and your family. Flooding can happen fast, but being alert and playing it smart may help you through a soggy situation.