Varsity Blues: Fall Sports Safety

Varsity Blues: Fall Sports Safety

November 08, 2023

Fall is finally here. For some of us, that means pumpkin spice and scary costumes; for others, it means watching football or getting a jump on holiday shopping.

But one of the most common activities in the fall is playing a sport and athletics.

Sports and athletics cover all kinds of activities: school sports, travel leagues, local gym pickup games, pee wee leagues, yoga classes, running groups, or even martial arts studios.

Many activities kick off specifically in the fall, and even those that don’t may see a boost of action due to cooler weather. But athletics can lead to injuries if we aren’t careful, not just on the field.

If you or a loved one is out there and active, remember these safety tips:

  • Know Your Limit—Take a break or stop altogether if you hit your limit. Going the extra mile may get you a promotion at work, but it can get you a knee brace in athletics.
  • Safe Travels—Getting to and from your event can be tricky - especially those packed high school games. Give yourself extra time to arrive and depart and drive defensively.
  • Train Smart—Many bumps and bruises happen during training. Make sure you warm up and cool down before and after.
  • Take a Break—When you are done playing ball or hitting the mat, be done. Give your body time to recover so you can be ready to go next time.

Fall athletic activities are a great way to be with friends, stay healthy, and meet personal goals. Playing it safe can help you stay in shape to ensure a strong season.