Mother Nature takes no holidays.

Mother Nature takes no holidays.

January 11, 2023

Whether you didn’t want to see it end or couldn’t wait for it to be over, 2022 did not go out with a whimper.

Record cold temperatures. Record blizzards. Record rainstorms. No matter what our plans were for the holidays, Mother Nature did not take time off.

We hope you were not directly impacted, and our thoughts go out to everyone hit by these events.

Unfortunately, 2023 is just continuing the trend.

Here are some of the extreme weather events we have just faced (and could face again soon) and how you can stay safe:

  • Freezing Cold—Extreme cold can lead to power outages as we all crank the heat. A backup energy and/or heat source is a good idea.
  • Blizzard—Piles of snow can make travel hazardous. Snow tires or chains are a must - but avoiding the roads is the best option.
  • Torrential Rain—Too much rain at once can overwhelm drainage systems and lead to flooding. Avoid flooded areas and make sure your home has flood insurance.

Stay safe this New Year, and plan ahead for nature’s unhappy surprises. Remember that we are on your side whenever you need a little help.