Hobby Coverage

Hobby Coverage

March 09, 2022

Work is done, the kids are in bed, and you finally have time to do YOUR thing.

Whether that's collecting something, staying active and fit, or allowing your creativity to run wild, your hobby probably has essential items that need coverage.

The good news is that your Homeowners or Renters insurance policy covers a significant amount of items.

But sometimes, expensive, frequently stolen, or shared items are harder to insure and may require extra coverage.

Check this list to see for some examples:

  • Collectibles — Most items you can collect are automatically covered. But items like art, jewelry, wine, and firearms need special policies to insure them fully.
  • Tools — All tools should be covered but check your policy if you do work for others. You may need extra coverage for their property as well.
  • Workout Gear — Your high-tech exercise bike is covered. But if your yoga group meets in your house, you may need more coverage.

Go ahead and enjoy your hobby; you’ve earned it. And if you have questions about if your passion is covered, we’re here to help.