Hike Your Spring Up

Hike Your Spring Up

May 18, 2022
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We know what you’ve been doing.

You've been stealthily scanning pictures of tropical beaches or looking at hotel booking sites for beach getaways.

But beach season is still a little ways off, so what can you do in the meantime? Take a hike!

Turn your gaze upward. The mountains are alive with budding trees, not-too-warm breezes, and freshly cleared trails just waiting to be trodded by adventurers like yourself.

Use these tips when planning your next hike:

  • National Parks — While not a secret, there are national Parks where you least expect them. Go to their websites to get the insider scoop.
  • Cabin Life — Level up your basecamp. Everything from a tent in the woods to a lake view estate is available to rent through your app of choice.
  • Trailheads — Don’t go to the same old spot. Search online to see what hidden gems your area is hiding.

Don’t wait for the beach! Get out of town now for some fun, woodland zen.