A+ Tips for Surviving Summer Break

A+ Tips for Surviving Summer Break

June 09, 2023

Students everywhere are counting down the seconds until their favorite time of year: summer.

 But summer break doesn’t mean parents get a break. In fact, parents may have a host of new risks that you don’t have the rest of the year.

 Luckily, we have some safety tips to help make the most of these warmer days:


  • Home Not Alone - No matter their age, kids can find almost anything to bump into or break in the home. Check cords, outlets, loose boards, pool areas, and more.
  • Taxi Service - Double-check your coverage, as increased summer driving means more risk exposure. And if you have a teen driver, a little caution goes a long way toward a safe destination.
  • Crowded Room - Summertime often means more sleepovers, parties, and events. Think about increasing your liability coverage on your Homeowners if you regularly host accident-prone daredevils.


A little thought and preparation can make this summer sing. And if you want to make sure your insurance is up to the challenge, we’re just a message away.