We browse through a wide variety of coverages and find the right one for you.

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We browse through a wide variety of coverages and find the right one for you.

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We browse through a wide variety of coverages and find the right one for you.

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We browse through a wide variety of coverages and find the right one for you.

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We browse through a wide variety of coverages and find the right one for you.

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Auto Insurance

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Auto InsuranceCoverage for Drivers throughout Santa Clarita, San Fernando, the Antelope Valley and beyond


Any Southern California driver understands what it means to say that traffic can get heavy, and accidents could happen easily. Driving can be dangerous, even if you do a lot to protect yourself. You need car insurance to back you up if accidents beckon.

At Dynamite Insurance, we believe in providing customer-focused car insurance solutions for all drivers. If you are looking for affordable policies provided by top-rated insurers, we have the answers.


Why You Need Car Insurance


You need car insurance for two primary reasons:


  • First, it’s the law. California drivers must carry proof of financial responsibility. Auto liability coverage meets this requirement.
  • Second, additional coverage can help you with the costs that stem from car wrecks, vehicle theft and many other losses. If a loss happens, you won’t have to worry about how you’ll pay for it.


Car insurance will offer a big source of relief for anyone, because none of us plan on a devastating loss happening behind the wheel. With the right insurance you should be able to get help fixing these issues.


Our Policy Offerings


Car insurance policies can offer multiple benefits that can help you in many hazardous driving scenarios.


  • Liability Insurance


If an accident is your fault, then you can use your liability coverage to compensate third parties for the damage you caused them. California policies must offer at least the following limits:

  • $15,000, injury/death—maximum per person
  • $30,000, injury/death—maximum per accident
  • $5,000, property damagemaximum per accident


You can increase your liability limits, and therefore get additional assistance in case you need it. So, if you hit another car after running a red light, you’ll have money to compensate the other driver for their injuries and damage to their car.


  • Comprehensive and Collision Protection


If you have a wreck, physical damage insurance will help you pay for damage to or the totaling of your own car. Collision insurance pays in case you have a wreck or hit another object. Comprehensive coverage pays in case your car sustains damage from hazards like hail, fire, theft, vandalism and more.


  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance


All drivers are supposed to have liability insurance, but some might not.

Uninsured motorist coverage pays if the other driver has no insurance at all.

Underinsured motorist coverage pays after the other driver’s liability insurance reaches its maximum limits. For example, if that policy pays a maximum of $50,000, and you have $70,000 worth of losses, underinsured coverage might provide the missing $20,000.


  • Medical Payments


When you get hurt in a wreck, coverage can help you pay for the costs of your medical bills.


  • Rental Car Coverage


If you need a rental car, this coverage may assist you with the costs.


  • Roadside Assistance


Your policy could dispatch help if you ever get stranded on the road.




  • Can I get discounts?


We understand that it’s important to you to get the best price for your car insurance. We can help you get good driver, auto-renewal, driving course, automatic payment, military and variety of other discounts. That way, you can always afford your coverage.


  • How should I choose my deductible?


Your damage deductibles determine how much you might have to pay out of pocket for insurance claims. However, if you raise the deductible it might save you money on your premium. We’ll help you find the perfect balance of savings and deductible affordability.


  • Who do I call for a claim?


In most cases, you can call either your insurance agent here in our offices, or you can call your insurance company directly. We’ll help you with the claims process immediately.

The committed, friendly team at Dynamite Insurance Brokerage guarantee we can help you find the best car insurance to fit your needs and budget. Please feel free to call our office at 661-255-0038 to speak to an agent or email us your questions and an insurance professional will reply promptly.



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